Daniel’s passion and love for music is effervescent, as it was nearly taken from him 6 years ago... He had abandoned music for a budding academic career when suddenly; he lost nearly all hearing in one ear, and was left with profound tinnitus, affecting him to this day. It was at this moment when he felt the universe call on him to fulfill his destiny, and transcend tragedy into triumph.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Daniel exists to blend these elements and express a unique force of songwriting that the world has yet to experience.  His honesty, optimism and conscious being flow through his melodic compositions and wordsmithing. He is an aspiring visionary and is hopeful that his vibrations can leave a positive influence on all who are willing to listen.

After three years in writing solace, Daniel debuted the introspective synth laden single "Candlelight" to begin the momentum of his artistic reveal. Year 2020 will unveil snippets from his vast sonic landscape, beginning with the self-produced folk-pop album "Jiving Nomad". Written while in Indonesia, he captures the spirit of the modern millennial traveler, and infuses the listener with a chronological journey of his emotions and experiences. Armed with a guitar, ukelele, and kalimba, he integrates native sounds of the country with the warm acoustic vibe of the west.